Lorraine Was Here
A miniature, or maquette, of a sculpture in reddish-brown clay depicting Lorraine Hansberry sitting on a tree stump surrounded by five different kinds of chairs
Alison Saar's maquette of To Sit Awhile, commissioned by The Lillys to honor Lorraine Hansberry. Photo by Joey Stocks

There’s no how-to book handed to you when you become the editor of The Dramatist. I don’t think it’s an intentional withholding of information; it’s just that no one has ever made one.

So, when I came on board in 2011, I started cobbling together bits of institutional history and how-to from coworkers (especially Tari Stratton and Ralph Sevush), colleagues (especially from Council and Dramatist Committee members) and, mostly, from digging through back issues of this magazine and its predecessor, The Dramatists Guild Quarterly.

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Editor, Joey Stocks
Joey Stocks

was born into an Arkansas newspaper family. He strayed into theatre as a performer before joining the Guild in August 2011 as Director of Publications and Editor of The Dramatist.