Cover artwork of the Season in review 2020/21: A group of friends open a time capsule labelled 2020.
London, UK Season in Review 2020/21
  • London, UK Banner for Season in Review 2020/21
    Artwork by Bekka Lindstrom, Drawings by Ian Sklarsky
  • Reece Lyons in Overflow by Travis Alabanza at the Bush Theatre
    Reece Lyons in Overflow by Travis Alabanza at the Bush Theatre. Image by Sharron Wallace.
  • Still from a Camden Youth Theatre production
    Still from a Camden Youth Theatre production. Image by Ali Wright.

In the United Kingdom, 2020/21 was a creative season much affected by the ebb, flow, and legislative pivots brought on by three unpredictable national lockdowns and re-opening periods. As with theatres and organizations in the States, many creative homes found themselves quite preoccupied in the last year with learning, and then relearning, the bullet-pointed guidelines handed to them in order to do so safely. The previous year was largely bookmarked by these periods of closure and reopening.

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Photo of Jordan K. Stovall
Jordan K. Stovall

(they/them) is a writer, drag performer, and queer events producer based in London, UK. They presently serve as the DG Regional Programs Manager, co-administrator for End of Play, and Program Manager for the New Visions Fellowship in collaboration with National Queer Theater. / IG: @wanda.whatever