Cover Art  of the Pacific Northwest Issue: A large bird carrying various Pacific Northwest landmarks on its back.
LineStorm Playwrights
Lolly Ward
Lolly Ward

What is a “line storm?” Poet Robert Frost describes this weather event in “A Line-storm Song,” asking, “What matter if we go clear to the west…?” and closing with a call to “be my love in the rain.” These sentiments describe our collective of dramatists creating works in the blustery Pacific Northwest. Twelve member playwrights regularly storm their pages to develop individual and group pieces, fostering public stagings for local, national, and international audiences.

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is an actress and playwright. Her works include Mate, on women who played games with chess champion Bobby Fischer, Theory of Nothing, an exploration of the physics of family, and Invention, a musical in progress about progress. Lolly lives in Portland, Oregon, where she co-founded LineStorm Playwrights.