Legacy Playwrights Initiative Announces 2022 Legacy Awards
Legacy Playwrights Initiative: Carlyle Brown and Milcha Sanchez-Scott

New York, NY – The Legacy Playwrights Initiative has announced Milcha Sanchez-Scott and Carlyle Brown as the recipients of the 2022 Legacy Award. Created with the goal of bringing renewed attention to the work of an established American playwright, the award was created by Anne Cattaneo, Dramatists Guild Foundation Executive Director Rachel Routh, Benita Hofstetter Koman, Todd London, and their colleagues. 

Sanchez-Scott and Brown will receive a monetary grant, advocacy, and financial incentives for professional productions of their work. There will also be a reissuing of their previously published plays, university and community programming to raise awareness for their body of work, and filmed interviews highlighting their careers. 

“I am deeply gratified and honored to receive a Legacy Playwrights’ Initiative award for a number of reasons,” shares Brown in a statement. “For being recognized for one’s full body of work, to be acknowledged and even memorialized for one’s contribution to the theatre, to be encouraged in your twilight, in your third act and supported just when one may be on the cusp of a creative expansion, are the rarest of gifts. As a young man I marveled that Goethe wrote Faust when he was 80. Now, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched.” 

Sanchez-Scott adds, “I am humbled, honored, grateful and so happy to receive the Legacy Playwright Award. This honor will help me work on my first musical and continue work on a second play about an elderly living facility and the characters within.”

Sanchez-Scott and Brown will be recognized at the DGF 60th anniversary gala on October 24, 2022.