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Kentucky: Larry Muhammad
Gregory Rahming as Louis Coleman in the musical Buster!
Gregory Rahming as Louis Coleman in the musical Buster!

Sixteen years ago, Larry Muhammad took up playwriting and joined the Dramatists Guild.

The motivation behind his first play was an assignment from his then-employer, the Louisville Courier-Journal, to write a Black History Month story about Frank L. Stanley Sr., (1906-1974), a crusading civil rights activist and long-time senior editor and publisher of the Louisville Defender.

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Nancy Gall-Clayton
Nancy Gall-Clayton

was a Kentucky Dramatists Guild representative. She’s given up teaching, counseling, lawyering, and food service, but continues to write plays, something she began around her 50th birthday. Warren Hammack and Liz Bussey Fentress of Horse Cave Theatre were important mentors in her salad days. She just received her sixth commission.