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Kait Kerrigan: What Copyright Means to Me
Kait Kerrigan. Photo credit: Jenny Woodward
Photo credit: Jenny Woodward

To be a good musical theatre writer, you must be collaborative by nature. You must genuinely believe that having other artists at the table makes for better work. We are not novelists, creating entire worlds alone in private corners for others to enter only when they open the spine of the book. We are not even playwrights, generally crafting a full draft with a beginning, middle, and end before collaborating with directors, designers, and actors. As musical theatre writers, we say, “I have an idea,” and entreat others to join us in transforming that idea into a musical. 

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Kait Kerrigan
Kait Kerrigan

is an award-winning lyricist, bookwriter, and playwright. Though her writing has been rejected an uncountable number of times, she’s had two off-Broadway shows. Though she’s been writing professionally for well over a decade, she is often called “emerging.” She has an uncountable number of projects “in development.”