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Iowa: Back to Work
The Suffragist by Cavan Hallman and Nancy Hill Cobb
Photo by Toni Fortman

Like so many of us, I had a major production delayed by the pandemic: The Suffragist, a new musical that I wrote with Nancy Hill Cobb about the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. Originally scheduled to debut in the summer of 2020, our production was to feature three Broadway veterans, including Tony nominee Nancy Opel (Urinetown). They would be performing in the biggest house of my career—a big musical with a big cast and a big orchestra—all around a big deal for me.

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Cavan Hallman
Cavan Hallman

is an Iowa-based theatre artist and the founder and producing artistic director of Mirrorbox Theatre. Commissions: National WWII Museum, National Czech & Slovak Museum, Kapoot Clown Theatre. Schools: Columbia College Chicago (BA), University of New Orleans (MFA).