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Hush Harbor Lab and More
Amina S. McIntyre
Amina S. McIntyre

Ensconced in the magnolia trees and trap music lies the Black theatre community in Atlanta. A small group often overlooked because they do not secure the bigger funding margins and often do not have even nonprofit status, these theatres are the highest producers of new Black work in the area. There is a fractured legacy, a gap between the days of Jomandi, Just Us, Proposition Theatre, and Atlanta Street Theatre active between the 70s and 90s, and current companies.

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Amina S. McIntyre
Amina S. McIntyre

is an Atlanta-based playwright, Co-Founder of the Hush Harbor Lab, and Ph.D student in Religion at Vanderbilt University. A former Dramatists Guild Ambassador, she is currently commissioned with Out of Hand (screenplay Comfort), Oakland Cemetery, and Horizon Theatre Company (Black Women Speak Emerging Collective).