Honor Roll!...We Got This
Executive Committee of Honor Roll!
The executive committee of Honor Roll! L to R: Cheryl Davis, Yvette Heyliger, Sarah Tuft, Lucy Wang, Jacquelyn Reingold, Olga Humphrey, and Cynthia Cooper.

In August of 2019, I was invited to attend a meeting of women playwrights on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the home of Susan Miller. The purpose of the gathering was to begin to organize as a body to address the ongoing lack of parity for female (and ultimately, female identifying) playwrights over forty years of age in the American theatre.

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Yvette Heyliger
Yvette Heyliger

is a playwright, producing artist, activist, and author of What a Piece of Work is Man! Full-Length Plays for Leading Women. Yvette is the recipient of the AUDELCO Recognition Award for Excellence in Black Theatre’s August Wilson Playwright Award among other awards and has contributed to various theatrical anthologies, magazines, journals, and blogs. She currently serves as the Dramatists Guild NYC Ambassador.