Translation Adaptation Cover Artwork: Dried vegetation - such as bark, roots, and seeds - partly framed on a wall.
Happy Spring!
Trendy set of abstract creative minimal artistic hand painted compositions

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and made it through the winter doldrums intact. Of course, as I write this, it’s nearly 60 degrees outside, but I’m listening to Joan Baez sing holiday music. That makes spring seem so far away! Early press deadlines are so confusing…

Spring means so many things to me (especially my birthday!), but this year, it will also mean a trip from my nephew! I’m looking forward to showing him around New York again. I’m also hoping to get him into a theater this trip! I’ll keep you posted on our fun.

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Tari Stratton
Tari Stratton

is the Director of Education for the Dramatists Guild and the Director of the Dramatists Guild Institute. She has been at the Guild for over twenty years and loves ballet, tennis, her nephew, and the theatre. Not necessarily in that order.