Cover Art of the Massachusetts Issue: Multiple cartoons - each in separate boxes - showcasing life in Massachusetts.
Fresh Ink Theatre
  • Production photo from Nomad Americana by Kira Rockwell
    Nomad Americana by Kira Rockwell
  • From the workshop of Martha’s (b)Rainstorm: A Boston Fairy Tale by John J King
    From the workshop of Martha’s (b)Rainstorm: A Boston Fairy Tale by John J King

On the scene since 2011, Fresh Ink Theatre Company has become a mainstay in new play development in Massachusetts. With an ambitious, ever-growing season and a diverse roster of artists, they’ve built a consistent and (rare for theatre) young audience. They’re also one of the only Boston theatres to produce full-lengths submitted by local writers.

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John Minigan
John Minigan

’s Tall Tales from Blackburn Tavern, commissioned by Gloucester Stage Company, premieres in 2023. His adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow premiered at Greater Boston Stage in 2022, and Queen of Sad Mischance won the 2022 Judith Royer Award. John is the Guild’s Ambassador for Boston.