Cover Art  of the Pacific Northwest Issue: A large bird carrying various Pacific Northwest landmarks on its back.
Fear, Dread, and the Unknown
Steve Patterson
Steve Patterson

“Get in.”

The van is scuzzy beyond belief—definitely a down-by-the-river number—and five Portland theatregoers may be having second thoughts as they climb aboard. The doors close. The engine starts. And somewhere within the van’s darkness, something vaguely human stirs.

From there, The ReformersThe Van gets dark. In some ways, it sums up The Reformers’ aesthetic: original plays that “explore theme of fear, dread, and the unknown.” Fortunately, they’re funny people, and their dark plays are well-laden with humor.

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plays have been staged across the U.S. and in Canada and New Zealand. In 2008, his drama Lost Wavelengths won the Oregon Book Award. Steve served as the Dramatists Guild’s Co-Representative for Oregon. He lives in Portland, where he’s working on a ghost play: An Actively Uninhabited House.