Cover art of the Environmental Issue: Digital Art of the sun rising on three birds
The Environmental Issue
Photo of three different writers/writer groups

Elaine Avila, Paula Cizmar, Mindi Dickstein, Georgina Escobar, Robert Koon, Andrea Lepcio, Matthew Paul Olmos, Erin Marie Panttaja, Saviana Stanescu, Nathan Yungerberg, and countless other Guild members have something in common. Though their work is varied in style and content, these playwrights are moved to write about the environment. Dickstein, for example, is one of the contributors to Climate Change Theatre Action 2021, co-founded by Avila, Chantal Bilodeau, and Caridad Svich, which you can read about in the following roundtable.

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amelia french
amelia french

is a playwright and editor of The Dramatist.