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All you need to do is Google “writer’s block” to discern that often the hardest challenge for a writer, regardless of their skillset or experience level, can be finding the time and motivation to sit down and write. Life gets in the way, a new piece may offer unforeseen creative roadblocks, certain feedback or criticism may lead to doubt… the list of the struggles that leads to this place is endless, really, and anyone who has written for long enough has probably heard or shared countless variations of these experiences.

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Lily Dwoskin
Lily Dwoskin

is a bookwriter and lyricist based in New York. Selected works include The AviatrixHyena in Petticoats, and The Scarlet Savior. Lily’s work has been performed at St. Luke’s Theatre, The Laurie Beechman Theatre, The Greenroom 42, and more.

Photo of Jordan K. Stovall
Jordan K. Stovall

(they/them) is a writer, drag performer, and queer events producer based in London, UK. They presently serve as the DG Regional Programs Manager, co-administrator for End of Play, and Program Manager for the New Visions Fellowship in collaboration with National Queer Theater. / IG: @wanda.whatever