Editor’s Notes on the Tools of the Trade Issue
Artwork featuring pieces of a Remington typewriter and a bingo card by Cheryl Jacobsen
Remington by Cheryl Jacobsen

When I was nineteen years old, I bought a dirt-cheap Smith-Corona typewriter. The reason it was dirt cheap was because it had a broken space bar, but I convinced myself I’d figure out how to repair it sooner or later. To mitigate the problem, the previous owner had re-programmed the “V” key to act as the space bar, creating a reverse-Roman-V situation with the “U” key. As someone with access to various Apple products, I rarely found myself using my Smith-Corona; when I did use a typewriter, usually for frivolous reasons, I would instead turn to the sea-foam green Hermes Rocket that sat next to my Smith-Corona. After all, it typed in cursive! 

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amelia french
amelia french

is a playwright and editor of The Dramatist.