Cover of The Dramatist Winter 2023
Editor’s Notes on the Technology Issue (2023)
Amelia French. Photo: Bronwen Sharp
Photo: Bronwen Sharp

The hypnotic photographs within this issue, including those below, were originally published in Specimens of Fancy Turning by Edward J. Woolsey in 1869. When I happened upon an article from The Public Domain Review about Specimens of Fancy Turning, I was 1) surprised that such futuristic-looking designs were created in 1869, and 2) immediately reminded of the spirograph kits of my youth, which used pens and concentric plastic rings with gear teeth to create shapes strikingly similar to Woolsey’s. I recall creating (to me) remarkably complex designs that seemed kaleidoscopic, even atomic.

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Amelia French
Amelia French

is a playwright, librettist, and editor of The Dramatist.