Cover Art of the Massachusetts Issue: Multiple cartoons - each in separate boxes - showcasing life in Massachusetts.
Editor's Notes on the Massachusetts Issue
Joey Stocks by Carla McDonald
Photo by Carla McDonald

Welcome to Massachusetts! As it is with all our regionally-focused editions of The Dramatist, this issue endeavors to shine a light on some of the resources and opportunities for new work in a particular area. In a sense, this issue has become an annotated Resource Directory. But it is not comprehensive.

It is also true that every edition of The Dramatist is written by your peers. All the articles inside have been contributed by Guild members with first-hand experience of working in Massachusetts. And, because so many of you are juggling multiple deadlines, at press time, there were a few articles that weren’t ready for publication.

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Editor, Joey Stocks
Joey Stocks

was born into an Arkansas newspaper family. He strayed into theatre as a performer before joining the Guild in August 2011 as Director of Publications and Editor of The Dramatist.