Editor’s Notes on The Coping Issue
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Although I’ve written about it before, it’s little known that our Publications Committee sets the themes for each issue of The Dramatist. That’s not all they do, but it’s invaluable to the making of this magazine. Sometimes a theme bubbles up organically in meetings. Other times, a theme is brought in by a single committee member, like Tina Howe’s The Audience Issue and Amanda Green’s Reality Check Issue.

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Editor, Joey Stocks
Joey Stocks

was born into an Arkansas newspaper family. He strayed into theatre as a performer before joining the Guild in August 2011 as Director of Publications and Editor of The Dramatist.

Photo of playwright Michele Lowe
Michele Lowe

wrote The Smell of the KillString of Pearls, plus a few more. She won the Francesca Primus Prize for Inana. Current projects include: The Greatest (Sundance Theatre Lab), Split (Transport Group commission), and The Proxy Marriage. She coaches writers and rabbis around the country.