Dramatists Diary: September/October 2021
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The Dramatists Diary has been a continuous member service since 1964. It is a record of member achievements and is printed in six issues of The Dramatist magazine each year. Most Diary listings are self-reported and are usually printed within three to four months from the reporting date. These are listings of past achievements only and do not function as advertisements for upcoming events. If the listing you report is older than twelve months, it will not be accepted or printed in The Dramatist. 



Listings as of August 1, 2021


Laugh, Cry, Pee, Repeat! by CAROLE FENSTERMACHER, Patti Corsini Caroli, and Natalie King. The Marco Players, Marco Island, FL

Lady Molly of Scotland Yard: The Murder at Mathis Café by JULIA FISHER. Ohio Shakespeare Festival, Akron, OH

Proyecto Meitner by ROBERT MARC FRIEDMAN. Casa de la Cultura, La Pobla de Farnals, ESP

A Couple of Scientists by NANCY GALL-CLAYTON. Zoom, Chattanooga State Professional Acting Program, Chattanooga, TN

Eternity by ELAN GARONZIK. Open Eye Theater, Margaretville, NY

Mrs. Joyce Has Her Say by JACK GILHOOLEY. Irish Repertory Theatre of Tallahassee, Tallahassee, FL

Prison Monologues by DANIEL GUYTON. Atlanta Fringe Festival, Merely Players Presents, Atlanta, GA

We Reckon: A Southern Chronicle of 2020 by DANIEL GUYTON, HANK KIMMEL, Stefnie Cerny, LaDonna Williams, and Bridgette Burton. Facebook Live, Out of Hand Theatre and C4 Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Shimmer the Glowworm Finds Her Glow by SHELBY HERMAN. Center for Spiritual Living, Glowworks Productions, Oakland Park, CA

The Early Miracle by LEW HOLTON. Theatre Suburbia, Houston, TX

Roosevelt: Charge The Bear by PHIL JOHNSON and Marni Freedman. Online, The Roustabouts Theatre Company, San Diego, CA

Clear Blue Sky by BRUCE KARP. The Heights Players, Brooklyn, NY

Hygiene by ALAN KILPATRICK. Lion & Unicorn Theatre, KDC Theatre Company, London, England, GBR

Sloppy Bonnie: A Roadkill Musical for the Modern Chick by KRISTA KNIGHT and Barry Brinegar. OZ Arts Nashville, Nashville, TN

Animals by KERRI KOCHANSKI. Spark Creative Works, Spark Creative Works, Long Island, NY

Spitting Daisies by KERRI KOCHANSKI. Victoria School of the Arts, Victoria School of the Arts, Edmonton, AB, CAN

Work Husband by DONNA LATHAM. Theatre Suburbia, Houston, TX

Cabfare for the Common Man by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Academy of International Education, Awaji, JPN

Face To Facebook and Misfortune by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Colonial Playhouse, Philadelphia, PA

Ordained by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Studio Players, Lexington, KY; Indiana Ten Minute Play Festival, Rapture Theatre Company, Indianapolis, IN

Stats by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Asphalt Jungle Shorts XVII, Flush Ink Productions, Kitchener, ON; Necronomicon, Divine Madness Sci-Fi Comedy Show, Tampa Bay, FL

The Near Distant Future by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. O.G. Productions, Columbus, OH

The Rental by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN

Twas Five Minutes To Curtain and Oh, Tannenbaum by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Panhandle Community Theatre, Pace, FL

Last Call by ELLIE MACBRIDE. Agape SF, San Francisco, CA

Renaming Shaim by ALETHEA MCCOLLIN. Broadway Bound Theatre Festival, Theatre Row, New York, NY

An Almost Holy Picture by HEATHER RUTH MCDONALD. Everyman Theatre, Baltimore, MD

Serious Adverse Effects by DEREK MCPHATTER. Motor House, Rapid Lemon Productions, Baltimore, MD

Witchland by TIM MULLIGAN. Tenth Avenue Arts Center, Backyard Renaissance Theatre Company, San Diego, CA

Waiting by DANIEL A. OLIVAS. Atwater Village Theatre, Playwrights' Arena, Los Angeles, CA

Garcon! by FELIX RACELIS. Zoom, NYC Triangle Rainbow Productions, New York, NY

My Shayna Punim and The Grand Can by FELIX RACELIS. Online, The Decameron Project - Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Fleshtones by JE ROBINSON. First Run Theatre Company, St. Louis, MO

Family By Numbers by ARIANNA ROSE. One Act Play Festival, Interlochen Center for the Arts, Interlochen, MI

The Ripple Effect by ARIANNA ROSE. Pensacola Little Theatre, Short Attention Span Theatre, Pensacola, FL

Blood Lines by LESLIE SANDERSON. Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs, Bonita Springs, FL

Scharf's Shorts by MARK SCHARF. Spotlighters Theatre, Baltimore, MD

A Good Day by ERIC SIROTA. Park Theatre and Write Act Repertory, Union City, CA

OMG, VBEG by MATTHEW WEAVER. National Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival, Bismarck State College, Bismarck, ND


Readings & Workshops 

The Alligator by CALLEY N. ANDERSON. Zoom, School of Drama, The New School, New York, NY

The Story and the Teller by CALLEY N. ANDERSON. University of Memphis Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

Love Killers by GALE BAKER. WS Theatre Group Center, Neon Desert Performing Artists Group, Palm City, FL

White Rose, The Musical book and lyrics by BRIAN BELDING, music by Natalie Brice. Play Cafe, Berkeley, CA

Hard-Boiled by GORDON M BOLAR. Ann Arbor Civic Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI

[kiss.sigh] by MARA DRESNER. Zoom, Clamour Theatre Company, Fleming Island, FL

The Bona Dea Challenge by CAROLE FENSTERMACHER. The Marco Players, Marco Island, FL

Sunshine Quest by WILLIAM IVOR FOWKES. The Foundry, Ronnie Larsen Presents, Wilton Manors, FL

Murder with Absolution by JOHN FRANCESCHINI. Newport Theatre Arts Center, Newport Beach, CA

The Frisco Flash, The Master and the Magician, and A Wife in the Shadows by JULIUS GALACKI. Zoom, Los Angeles, CA

A History by SUSAN HANSELL. Spark Creative Works, Albany, NY

The Sequin Royale by PAUL HOOD. Online, Bare Bones Theatre Ensemble, Harrisburg, PA

Their Great Magic by TERENCE PATRICK HUGHES. The Sauk Theatre, Jonesville, MI

Comfort Zone by PHILIP KAPLAN. Inspire: New Works Series, B8 Theatre Company, Concord, CA

Yella Jack by DONNA LATHAM. Wild Imaginings, Waco, TX

Holiday Sweets by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Neo Ensemble Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

The Book of Want by DANIEL A. OLIVAS. Circle X Theatre Company, Los Angeles, CA

Waiting for Godínez by DANIEL A. OLIVAS. The Road Theatre, North Hollywood, CA

Gay 4 Play by FELIX RACELIS. Zoom, First Stage, Los Angeles, CA

Gayer Than Laughter by FELIX RACELIS. Zoom, Almost Adults, Santa Fe, NM

The Lost Girl by BEN BONNEMA ARIANNA ROSE. Florida Festival of New Musicals 2021, Winter Park Playhouse, Winter Park, FL

Angel of Mercy, Finding Troy, The Girl at the Door, Heart-Wrencher, and Spirit Hawks by PAUL K. SMITH. Indiana Playwrights Circle, Indianapolis, IN

Love Never Dies by PAUL K. SMITH. Towne Street Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Love Restor'd by PAUL K. SMITH. Indiana Writers Center, Indianapolis, IN; Equity-Library Theater, America's Theatre, New York, NY

North Pole Justice by MIKE SOLOMONSON. 11th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival, Durango Arts Center, Durango, CO

The New Abnormal by JEFF STOLZER. Zoom, Phillips' Mills Community Association, New Hope, PA



After, The Danger of Strangers, and Home 3 by GLENN ALTERMAN. Heuer Publishing.

Time Wounds All Heals by GLENN ALTERMAN. Smith Scripts.

Intestate: A COVID-19 Monologue by DONALD BAKER. Some Scripts, Issue 4: Outbreak.

The Others Club by MARK COFTA. Next Stage Press.

Still Standing by ANITA HOLLANDER. McFarland Books.

Bluebird Songs - Volume II by EDWARD KENNY. Amazon Barnes and Noble Walmart.

The Best Men's Monologues from New Plays, 2020 and The Best Women's Monologues from New Plays, 2020 by KERRI KOCHANSKI. Applause Theatre & Cinema Books.

Lunch Lady by DONNA LATHAM. Some Scripts Literary Magazine.

Room the Forest by CARLOS PEREZ. Drama Notebook.

The Exit Strategy Club by CARLOS PEREZ. Off The Wall Plays.

Mushroom in Her Hands by ANNA PHELAN. Next Stage Press.

A Ventilator by NIKKI RAYMOND. Penning the Pandemic, Monadnock Writers.

Tales of My Uncle by NIKKI RAYMOND. At the Intersection of Disability and Drama, McFarland.

The Second Tosca by TOM ROWAN. Next Stage Press.

Words Matter: The Lyrics of Anya Turner & Robert Grusecki by ANYA TURNER and Robert Grusecki. Self-Published.


Recordings, broadcasts, and films 

A Dream Come True by DELVYN CASE, JR. Podcast, World on Stage Productions, Naples, FL

Tatiana by ALAN KILPATRICK. Eclectic Full Contact Theatre Company, Chicago, IL

Alpha Betty by BEAR KOSIK. New Ideas Festival, Alumnae Theatre, Toronto, ON

The Telemarketer by NIKKI RAYMOND. Atlanta Audio Fringe Festival, Shoestring Radio Theater, Atlanta, GA

Sex, Lies & Styrofoam by ARIANNA ROSE. Podcast, 16th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival, Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, FL


Hockey Mom by TRAVIS GARRETT BAKER. Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance 2021 Literary Award for Drama, Portland, ME

The Light Princess by GREGORY CUMMINGS. Jackie White Memorial National Playwriting Contest, Columbia Entertainment Company, Columbia, MO

Sherlock Holmes Meets the Bully of Baker Street by DAVID HANSEN. 2021 Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Award, Cleveland Heights, OH

Queen of the Bonackers by SUSAN KATHRYN HEFTI. Semifinalist, 2021 Princess Grace Award, New York, NY

First Stone From the Moon by ALLSTON JAMES. Runner-up, Kenneth Branagh New Drama Writing Award, Windsor, England, GBR

Lord of the Jaguars by ALAN KILPATRICK. Alpine Fellowship Theatre Prize, London, England, GBR

The Order by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Best Play, Quaranteeny Play Festival, Fat Turtle Theatre Company, Indianapolis, IN

La Lavadora by RYAN LUEVANO. First Place, New Works Play Festival, Full Circle Players, Los Angeles, CA

A Complicated Hope by JOHN MABEY. Panowski Playwriting Award, Marquette, MI

Birdseed by JOHN MABEY. JL Smith New Play Festival, Grantley, PA

Eight Nights by JENNIFER MAISEL. Ovation Award for Best Playwriting, Los Angeles, CA

The Tiger Play by ANNA PHELAN. Todd McNerney Playwriting Award, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

SHEILAH RAE GROSS. Special Award, League of Professional Theatre Women, New York, NY

Dark Matter by MARK SCHARF. Finalist, Mazumdar New Play Competition, Alleyway Theatre, Buffalo, NY

The New Abnormal by JEFF STOLZER. Phillips' Mills Emerging Playwright Competition, New Hope, PA



Intestate: A Covid-19 Monologue by DONALD BAKER. Talking Horse Productions, Columbia, MO

Reigning Cats & Dogs book, music, and lyrics by STEVEN BERGMAN, book by Amy White Graves. Voices Boston, Boston, MA

Makeup by DELVYN CASE, JR. The PlayGround Experiment, New York, NY

Pebbles In Remembrance and Where Darkness Follows Day by DELVYN CASE, JR. Page to Stage Pipeline, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME

Emmett + Trayvon + Suns of God by SONHARA EASTMAN. Synchronicity Theatre, Atlanta, GA

The Boy in the Boat by RICHARD CAREY FORD and Mark Wilder. After the Flood Productions, Houston, TX

Virtual First Date by WILLIAM IVOR FOWKES. Department of Theatre & Dance, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

Lebensunwertes Leben: Life Unworthy of Life by ANITA HOLLANDER. Reverb Festival, Roundabout Theatre Company, New York, NY

Souls Highway: The Guitar Lesson by ANITA HOLLANDER. Theater Breaking Through Barriers, New York, NY

Choosing Love by CHISA HUTCHINSON. The Alley Theatre, Houston, TX

The Best by BRUCE KARP. Broward College, Davie, FL

Madame Égalité by BEAR KOSIK. The TheaterMakers Studio, New York, NY

A Report On Ancient Egypt by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. GI60, New York, NY

A Very Special Hanukkah Special by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Audio Amphitheater, Clarksville, TN

Brunch by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Live From The Anarchist Jurisdiction, One Minute Play Festival (1MPF) and the Dramatists Guild, New York, NY

I'm On A Train by MARK HARVEY LEVINE. Minnesota Shorts Play Festival, North Mankato, MN