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The Dramatist LIVE: Longstanding Collaborations, Part One
Longstanding Collaborations, Part One

The Dramatist LIVE co-host Christine Toy Johnson opened the May 28 installment with the acknowledgment “it’s been a rough week for a lot of people; there’s so much pain and rage.” She went on to remind viewers that both The Actors Fund and The Dramatists Guild Foundation are here to help DG members, and anyone in the industry, in need.

This week, we were joined by DG Council Member (and 2020 Pulitzer Prize winner), Michael R. Jackson, who participated in a lightening round of Ten Questions LIVE. “The best writing advice I’ve been given is to follow your obsessions,” he said, when asked about  the best advice he’d ever received. According to our hosts, Michael responded to all ten questions in record time!

Next, Jacqueline Goldfinger (former Philadelphia DG Regional Rep and current DGI instructor) came on to The Dramatist LIVE to talk about her experience with her virtual writing group, Beat the Plague. “It's been a real lifesaver, especially for folx who have been alone, for people who can't get out,” Jacqueline explained. “It’s all of those good things and interactions that we need.” Learn more about her virtual writing group here.  And our virtual writers group conversation is just getting started. We want to hear from our DG members. Are you in a virtual writers group? How are you running your workshops? Do you use the Liz Lerman technique? Do you share work every week? If you are part of a writing group and are interested in participating in further discussion on the topic, please email Joey Stocks, DG Director of Publications, at

Collaboration has been another ongoing theme for The Dramatist LIVE. We continued exploring this theme with longtime dramatist/director collaborators Maggie Lee and Amy Poisson of Macha Theatre, and Lisa D’Amour and Katie Pearl of PearlDamour. They spoke to the importance  of being on the same page and being willing, at the start, to produce your own work yourself, without waiting around for someone to do it for you. Both directors were extremely respectful regarding writers and the writing process. “The writers, to me, are the goddesses of the theatre community,” director Amy Poisson said. “There is no doing what I do without the writers.” For those of you who are interested in the business side of collaborations, we encourage you to watch the following video from a recent DG webinar on the topic. 

Since March 19, 2020, the Guild has been presenting special online editions of The Dramatist LIVE each Thursday, at 5:30 pm, co-hosted by Amanda Green, Christine Toy Johnson, and Joey Stocks. If you have any questions or comments about The Dramatist LIVE, please feel free to reach out via email at We’re here for you!


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