Cover art of the Radical Hospitality Issue: an illustration of a headless person writing at their desk with multiple faces in boxes floating around where their head would be.
Douglas Post: What Copyright Means to Me
Douglas Post

A play is not unlike a house. As dramatists, we imagine the structure, map out the architecture, build the thing from the ground up, filling all those terrifying blank pages with words, words, words that hopefully provide the blueprint for an experience that can enlighten and entertain. Then one day we open the doors and let people in. These folks are our collaborators who flesh out our conception. They bring it to life. They embody it. They’re followed by others, an audience, that gets to move through the many rooms and participate in the story we’re attempting to tell.

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Douglas Post
Douglas Post

has two new plays opening this season – By My Will with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company at the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta and Shaw vs. Tunney with Grippo Stage Company at Theater Wit in Chicago. His one-man thriller Bloodshot was produced earlier this season at the Hudson Village Theatre outside Montreal. He serves on the Copyright Advocacy Committee, the Education Committee and the Political Engagement Committee.