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“Doing” Atlanta Black Theatre Festival
Alethea McCollin
Alethea McCollin

FOMO is a beast! “Doing” Atlanta Black Theatre Festival had been on my theatre festival bucket list for a few years. So, in 2020, when my play The Stilettos Monologues was accepted for a reading at the festival, I thought I would scratch it off my list with a flourish later that year. Alas, COVID-19 happened, and I would then wait nineteen months—yes, I was counting—before I could fulfill the brief! 

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Alethea McCollin
Alethea McCollin

is a playwright, screenwriter, producer, director, and shoe addict. She has written seventeen plays, of which she says The Stilettos Monologues is her love letter to stilettos. She has also written three screenplays and has authored one childrens book. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild and serves on several local boards. Alethea loves working out. She is a passionate gardener and loves to bake, though she still hasn't mastered either pastime.