Cover art of the Environmental Issue: Digital Art of the sun rising on three birds
The Digital Environment
  • Digital Artwork of Bees
    Illustration by Adam Goldberg
  • Digital artwork of bees
    Illustration by Adam Goldberg

First, there was “the room where it happens.” Then, there was “the Zoom where it happens.” Now, the world of digital theatre has expanded both beyond rehearsal rooms IRL (in real life) and beyond the singular teleconferencing platform of Zoom. It has evolved into a whole new medium onto itself.

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Sarah Rebell
Sarah Rebell

is a theatrical journalist and musical theatre writer. Fellow: National Critics Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Bylines include: TDF Stages, Hey Alma, American Theatre, The Interval, Howlround. Sarah currently works as the Communications Content Manager at the Dramatists Guild.