Cover Art  of the Pacific Northwest Issue: A large bird carrying various Pacific Northwest landmarks on its back.
DGF Fellows: Charles Gershman
Charles Gershman

The DGF Fellowship gave me the time and space to deeply explore a new play I’m working on about a married gay couple, Will and Bram, who take in a foster teen named Devin.


by Charles Gershman


Steven sits on the couch next to Bram, who picks up the Rubik’s Cube and anxiously fiddles with it.


You think they left?


They’ll be back.


I think they left. I don’t hear anything.


They’ll be back. (Beat.)

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Charles Gershman
Charles Gershman

is a queer playwright and TV writer, 2019 Chesley/Bumbalo Playwriting Award winner, and 2019 Relentless Award Semifinalist. He earned his MFA at NYU-Tisch in 2018. His plays are published by Oberon Books.