From the Desk of the DGCM: The Author is at the Center of Everything

The DG Copyright Management Company is the estate planning consultancy and intellectual property management organization established to manage the intellectual property that is owned by or bequeathed to the Guild and its sister organizations. For more information, please visit our website at

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It seems appropriate that I would write my first “Desk of” as Executive Director of DG Copyright Management [DG©M] in a tribute issue to the late Terrence McNally.

Mr. McNally reached out to me in September of 2019 with the intention of enrolling with the DG©M. Although my interaction with him lasted only a fraction of an hour, our conversation left an indelible mark upon me. I recall being most touched by his motivation to join our program. It spoke volumes about the type of man he was and the legacy he was crafting.

Mr. McNally’s interest in working with the DG©M – a new company based on a new idea - showed he was a change-maker. His desire to contribute to the mission of the DG©M without hesitation showed his spirit of philanthropy. His wish to support the ideals promulgated by the Guild showed he was an advocate and a person of principle. His interest in sharing of himself to ensure the future of the next generation of playwrights showed he was a leader. And his finding significance and comfort in a legacy forever intertwined with the Guild, showed his heart.

We strive to honor those same values in the work that we do every day at DG©M. When an author bequeaths property to the Guild or one of its related organizations, they recognize and support the work that those organizations have done and will continue to do for playwrights, composers and lyricists across the country. It is a vote for the unyielding advocacy, tremendous community, and endless dedication found at the Dramatists Guild, the Dramatists Legal Defense Fund, the Lillys and the Dramatists Guild Foundation. DG©M is proud to be a part of that group.

Much like these organizations, the author is at the center of everything we do at the DG©M. We aim to know our authors and understand how they would want their work presented for years or even decades into the future. Our access to a subcommittee of the Guild Council ensures that decisions are made by the most respected members of our community. Even our corporate structure was specifically crafted to enable us to prioritize authorial intent over narrow issues of profit and loss. Through all of this, we aim to cultivate and maintain the legacy of our authors.

We hope you will consider joining us so that we play a part in securing your place in the future of dramatic writing in America.

Executive Director,
Dramatists Guild Copyright Management