The cover of The Opera Issue of The Dramatist
From the Desk of Business Affairs: What’s In An Opera, Doc?
Photo of the exterior of The Metropolitan Opera house in NYC

While Opera was the form that gave birth to the Broadway musical, the business of musical theatre writing has grown up since then. The documents that memorialize the rights of writers and the terms of their agreements are similar, but not the same. Since DG members, both librettists and composers, are writing more operas in recent years, we have begun to focus on that industry, to see how dramatists might be better protected when creating new work for that rarified environment.

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Ralph Sevush, Esq.
Ralph Sevush, Esq.

is an entertainment attorney. He’s been with the Dramatists Guild of America since 1997, and their Co-Executive Director and general counsel since June 2005. He is the Treasurer for the Dramatists Legal Defense Fund.