cover art of The Reality Check Issue: A solemn playwright with a long, winding sweater sleeve that has small illustrations detailing the struggles of a writer.
Dear Dramatist - September/October 2018

The Dramatists Guild, from time to time, provides opportunities for its members to publish letters or articles of interest to playwrights and the general theatrical community. However, the Guild does not necessarily endorse the positions taken or the views expressed in such contributions. All such contributions are subject to peer review by The Dramatist Committee and editing by the Guild.

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Dear Dramatist,

I especially enjoyed reading “The Book of Norman and Moses and Jarrow” in the Season in Review. Lots of learning, and ‘heads-up’ and wise anecdotes. There are aspects of the discussion that make me squirm, though. When we write legit plays, no one thinks of us playwrights as secondary players (though they may push us to the back of the room once the production people start doing the ‘real’ stuff.) But libretto writers for musicals don’t fare so well.

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