Copyright Reversion: A Smart Way Out of a Bad Deal
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You were only twenty when you received your first publishing deal. You were thrilled. You had made it!! Years later, you learned that that glorious deal wasn’t actually so glorious. You may have accepted a sub-standard royalty or assigned the copyright in your work to the publisher. Or maybe the contract was standard for someone just starting their career, but you’ve since had several successful productions and know you could do something significant with your work if you could only regain control from the publisher. Enter: copyright reversion. 

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Deborah Murad, Esq.
Deborah Murad, Esq.

is the Executive Director of DG Copyright Management, Inc, an estate planning consultancy whose aim is to help dramatists devise a plan for the long-term care of their copyrights. DG Copyright Management also manages copyrights bequeathed to the Dramatists Guild with input from the Dramatists Guild Council.