Colorado 2018/19 Season In Review
  • Last Night and the Night Before Production
    The Denver Center Theatre's production of "Last Night and the Night Before." Photo by Adams Viscom.
  • Abandoned Way Out West Production
    Creede Rep's production of "The KID show: Abandoned Way Out West." Photo by John Gary.
  • The Mrs. Wheatland Pageant Production
    The Lulubird Project's production of "The Mrs. Wheatland Pageant." Photo by Brian Miller.

For the past few years as I’ve been writing these articles, I’ve tried to capture just how vibrant and exciting Colorado’s theatre community is. I’ve touched on the new writers’ groups, on new plays and festivals, and on individual artists. Theatre in Colorado is booming (but don’t move here; we’re getting crowded).

Theatre is thriving so sweetly, in fact, that I’m sure I’ve missed some of the new plays that have premiered over the last year or so. This is a highlight and not a complete listing so please excuse the imperfection but have a glance and appreciate what’s happened here this past season.

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Josh Hartwell

is an Artistic Company Member at Curious Theatre Company, and an Ensemble Member at Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company (BETC).  An actor and playwright, Hartwell was seen in Clybourne Park (Denver Post Ovation Award for “Best Actor in a Comic Role”) at Curious in 2011.