Chain Theatre Announces Winter One Act Festival
Winter One Act Festival Playwrights Lyle Kessler, Gina Femia, Sarah Groustra, and Taiwo Aloba
Winter One Act Festival Playwrights Lyle Kessler, Gina Femia, Sarah Groustra, and Taiwo Aloba

New York, NY – Chain Theatre’s Winter One Act Festival will run January 27-February 26 at 312 West 36 Street, Floor 3 & 4, New York, NY. The theatre is also providing a live stream of the festival. Virtual and in-person tickets are on sale for $22. All performers are vaccinated, and all audience members must be masked. 

Founded in 2010, Chain Theatre aims to create theatre that is accessible, relatable, and invokes a visceral response in its audiences. The theatre began producing annual playwriting festivals in 2011. For the 2023 festival lineup, see below. For show locations and times, visit Chain Theatre’s website.

2023 Winter One Act Festival

Deadly Sins and Other Tales: Six One Act Plays by Lyle Kessler

August Release by Patrick Kennedy

Black Ice by Max Wolf Friedlich

American Fruit by Jimmy Fay

From the Williamsburg Bridge by Joseph Sexton

An Artist’s Way by Patience Haggin

Exit Stage Right by Domenick V. Danza

Indian Love Call by Jill Melanie Wirth

Last Fourth of July in Sweet Valley, Missouri by Gina Femia

How to Disappear Completely by Beatrice Quinn

Small Parties by Alexandra Rogers

Stay by Colin Murphy

The Origin of Love by Paige Esterly

Dance Club by Peter Rowan

God Learns of the Death of Harambe, 2016 (colorized) by Alexander Perez

New Year by Matthew MacLachlan

Queen of Jacks by Alba Albanese

The General by David Taylor Little

Orchid or Kid by Jordan Galland

The Wait by W. Murray Whelan

Tigueraje by Max Garcia

300 Bones by Leon Lone

Access Denied by Emile Lacheny

Nuclear Winter by Brennan Saur

The Gardener by Jameson May and Zoe Ray Prawda

The Laundry Play by Sarah Groustra

Clowntown by Isabella Fatigati

Roleplay by Leo Layla Diaz

Coordinates by Patrick McEvoy

Adunni by Taiwo Aloba

Eggs by Jeanette Delaney

The Princess of Tea by Sunita Deshpande

Blood Sex and Taxes by Leni Jensen

It’s (Not) a Musical by Caitland Winsett

Last Christmas by Christian Ávila

Place Settings by Susan Crawford

Unnamed, Untitled, Unidentified by  Steph Prizhitomsky