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Tramaine Brathwaite
Tramaine Brathwaite

“I can so relate!”

“I felt that way, too!”

“I thought I was the only one!”

As I sat in the Coffee Chats conducted on Zoom by Horizon Theatre Company, I absorbed the conversations of Black women from all over the country talk about their lives growing up. It resonated with me. Here we are, a plethora of experiences, bonding together. We were all different and yet very similar. It was nice to be in a “room” and feel comradery, to see yourself in others and not be the outsider. I felt welcomed.

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Tramaine Brathwaite
Tramaine Brathwaite

 is a Guyanese American playwright who writes about topics that are honest, uncomfortable, and taboo. She believes that life is a play waiting to happen… just write. She uses her experiences and writes pieces that speak to the realities around her. Tramaine is a Maryland native residing in Hampton, GA.