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Broadway Show: Paradise Square with Nathan Tysen
Nathan Tysen by Bronwen Sharp
Nathan Tysen by Bronwen Sharp

What is a favorite memory from this season?

Last week we went into the studio to record the cast album of Paradise Square. Because dance is such an integral part of the score, we took time to record body percussion and tap dancing on several songs. This was a first for me and I can’t wait to hear the final product. I think it is going to elevate the recording and give the listener a better sense of the miraculous dancing that happens on stage every night.

What is a great bit of advice about playwriting you’ve given or received?

WRITE the first song so you can get to the RIGHT song.

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Nathan Tysen
Nathan Tysen

is a Grammy and Olivier nominated lyricist and occasional bookwriter whose work includes: Paradise Square, Amélie, Tuck Everlasting, A Killer Party, Fugitive Songs, The Burnt Part Boys, and Dreamland (Or a musical riff on Shakespeare’s Midsummer set during the declassification of Area 51). IG: @DoctorPickles