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Broadway Show: Paradise Square with Craig Lucas
Craig Lucas by Bronwen Sharp
Craig Lucas by Bronwen Sharp

What is a favorite memory from this season?

Seeing Dave Harris’ Tambo and Bones at Playwrights Horizons.

What is a great bit of advice about playwriting you’ve given or received?

The best playwriting advice I ever got was from poet Anne Sexton who told me not to go to graduate school to study playwriting (I had gotten into a famous playwriting program) but to make my own way in the world. It was her feeling that I knew deep down what and how to write and to follow my own lights.

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Photo of Craig Lucas
Craig Lucas

has written thirteen full-length plays, seven musicals, six movies, two operas; directed two movies, one musical, and ten plays; been a Pulitzer finalist, received three Obies, The New York Film Critics Award, the Excellence In Literature Award from the American Academy Of Arts And Letters and three Tony nominations.