Cover of The Dramatist Season in Review 2022-2023
Broadway Show: Parade with Jason Robert Brown
Jason Robert Brown by Bronwen Sharp for The Dramatist
Photo: Bronwen Sharp

What is a favorite memory from this season?

If you’ve been in the theatre business long enough, you get invited to a lot of galas in the spring—fundraisers for this theatre or that charity—and while it’s exciting the first couple of years to see everyone from all the different shows dressed up and ready to shine, these events tend to blur into each other over time and you’re staring at the same chicken in the same ballroom sitting next to the same donors listening to the same numbers seemingly every other night of the week.

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Photo of Jason Robert Brown
Jason Robert Brown

is the composer and lyricist of, among other things, The Last Five Years, Songs for a New World, and Parade, the 2023 Tony Award winner for Best Musical Revival.