Cover of The Dramatist Season in Review 2022-2023
Broadway Show: Parade with Alfred Uhry
Alfred Uhry

What is a favorite memory from this season?

Parade was picketed by a group of Neo Nazis on the night of our first preview. One of them was holding up a hateful hand painted sign, which, ironically, resembled a prop in the show.

That was outside. Inside the company was taking a curtain call. The audience just wouldn’t let them leave the stage, so they just stood there while the cheering and shouting went on and on.

I will never forget that contrast.

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Alfred Uhry
Alfred Uhry

is an American playwright and screenwriter. He has received an Academy Award, three Tony Awards, and the 1988 Pulitzer Prize for dramatic writing for Driving Miss Daisy. He is a member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers and has served on DG Council since 1989. In June 2023, Mr. Uhry received his third Tony Award when Parade won Best Musical Revival.