Cover of The Dramatist Season in Review 2022-2023
Broadway Show: Bad Cinderella with David Zippel
David Zippel by Bronwen Sharp for The Dramatist
Photo: Bronwen Sharp

What is a favorite memory from this season?

My favorite memory of this season was the curtain call of our first preview of Bad Cinderella. Carolee Carmello stopped the applause to congratulate the fifteen cast members who had just made their Brodaway debut.

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David Zippel
David Zippel

is a lyricist and director who has won the Tony, two Oliviers, two Academy Award Nominations, three Grammy nominations, and three Golden Globe nominations. Musicals: City of Angels, The Goodbye Girl, The Woman in White, Liza’s at The Palace, Bad Cinderella, Hercules. Films: Hercules, Mulan, The Swan Princess, Captain America, The Wedding Planner.