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Boston’s New Play Ecosystem

In attempting to understand Boston’s new play scene, it’s helpful to learn about the underlying supports for the development and production of new plays. This creative ecosystem is essentially the soil in which we plant the seeds of our dramatic work. The past ten years have seen a strong increase in the amount of resources and energy put towards nurturing new work and writers, even though there’s plenty of room for more.

Lisa Banes and Jordan Boatman in the Huntington Theatre Company production of The Niceties by Eleanor Burgess
Lisa Banes and Jordan Boatman in the Huntington Theatre Company production of The Niceties by Eleanor Burgess


The organization with the broadest impact on theatre in Boston, and in New England, is StageSource, a regional arts service organization that focuses on theatre. Founded in 1985, it now serves more than 1,700 individual artists and 220 organizational members. With a budget of only $300,000 and two full-time staff members, much of StageSource’s programming is handled by volunteers. Most of the budget comes from membership dues and program fees for workshops and regional auditions. Only 2% of the budget comes from state and local government. Programming from StageSource includes auditions, a weekly newsletter, workshops, and ticket discounts. 

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Patrick Gabridge
Patrick Gabridge

is a playwright, novelist, screenwriter, and producer. His plays, which have been produced in every state and fifteen countries, include Mox Nox, Drift, Lab Rats, Blood on the Snow, Distant Neighbors, Chore Monkeys, and Blinders. He’s been a Playwriting Fellow with the Huntington Theatre Company and has received fellowships from the Boston Foundation/Brother Thomas Fund and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and he was the artist-in-residence at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. He’s the producing artistic director of Plays in Place, a company specializing in creating site-specific work for museums and historic sites.