Cover artwork of the Community Issue: Pen and colored pencil illustrations of people of different genders, ethnicities, and sizes clustered together in harmony
Banned Together 3.0
Danielle Davis and company rehearse “Seasons of Love” from Rent for Banned Together: Chicago
Danielle Davis and company rehearse “Seasons of Love” from Rent for Banned Together: Chicago

Since our founding, the Dramatists Guild has fought to ensure that our work is seen and heard exactly as we wrote it. We have relied on a small army of lawyers working mostly behind the scenes to protect our work from those who would curtail our freedom of creative expression. The Dramatists Legal Defense Fund was created by the Dramatists Guild in 2012 to fight for freedom of expression in the arts. The DLDF does so through education, supporting fair use and censorship litigation, and events like Banned Together: A Censorship Cabaret.

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Faye Sholiton
Faye Sholiton

co-produced the symposium “Holding Our Tongue: Censorship in the Theatre” for DG’s Ohio region in 2010 and has covered Banned Together 2017 and 2018 for The Dramatist. She is proud to have served as Ohio’s regional rep for seven years. Her full-length plays have been performed around the U.S. and in London and have been honored with four Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence grants and dozens of regional and national awards. In 2011, she founded Interplay Jewish Theatre to revive a century-old cultural tradition in Cleveland.