Cover Art of the Massachusetts Issue: Multiple cartoons - each in separate boxes - showcasing life in Massachusetts.
Baltimore: Theatre Staff and Writers Meet to Share Opportunities and Challenges
Theater Writers Meet and Greet

In the fall and early winter of 2018, our region sponsored two events that brought scores of member and non-member playwrights together with theatre artistic directors, producers, and other decision-makers. Taken together, these events, held in Hagerstown and Baltimore, offered networking opportunities among eighteen very different theatres and scores of playwrights throughout the state (and, uh, we let a few sneak in from DC).

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Amy L. Bernstein
Amy L. Bernstein

writes about the intersection of politics and culture on stage and in prose fiction. Her full-length productions for the stage include Terminal Lucidity, produced at Theatre Project in Baltimore, MD; Raw, produced by Venus Theater in Laurel, MD, as part of the Women’s Voices Festival; and Exit Pluto, produced by the Strand Theater in Baltimore, MD.