Cover of the March/April 2022 issue of The Dramatist
Atlanta: Staying Optimistic
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At last year’s holiday party, I was amazed by the high spirits of my fellow dramatists. I had expected a rather desolate celebration because of how COVID had taken its toll on theatre. Submission opportunities, live readings, and in-person productions had dried up as the Delta variant surged, and we were now reckoning with the Omicron variant. How were these dramatists staying so optimistic? I decided to find out, so I asked them the following questions: “How have you continued to be a dramatist during the time of COVID? Has COVID changed your work in any way?” Here’s what I learned. 

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Laura King
Laura King

holds an MFA in playwriting from the Playwright’s Lab at Hollins University and a master’s in English from Northwestern University. She is the Dramatists Guild Atlanta Regional Representative, Southeastern Theater Conference Publications Committee chair, YouthPLAYS Literary Associate, and a Working Title Playwrights dramaturg.