Cover art of The Dramatist Craft and Career Issue: elongated pens overlapping to create multiple pathways
Atlanta: Mark Swanson and Rus McCoy
Mark Swanson sitting at a piano looking at sheet music
Mark Swanson at the Maxwell Performing Arts Center. Photo by Phil Jones

Composer/lyricist Mark Swanson is a native Georgian influenced greatly by a close musical family. His father was a Southern Baptist Minister of Music, his mother “a laser soprano voice” in the church choir, and both sets of grandparents filled their homes with sound including gospel, bluegrass, and Appalachian. Despite this, his first passion was the Beatles and though he was “too high strung” to concentrate on early piano lessons, the British band inspired him to begin teaching himself their music on piano and guitar.

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Pamela Turner
Pamela Turner

is an award-winning playwright and director/dramaturg with production credits in the U.S., Germany, Guam, and Ireland. Currently writing the book for a musical adaptation of Louise Shiver’s award-winning novel Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail with composer Mark Swanson, she is co-founding AD of multiShades.atlanta and chairs DG’s Regional Affairs Committee.