The Translations and Adaptations Issue (2023)
No. 4
Vol. 25
March/April 2023

The Translations and Adaptations issue of The Dramatist includes a round-up on adaptations featuring Lee Cataluna, Kate Hamill, Mindi Dickstein, Tim J. Lord, Matthew Spangler, and Jeffrey Hatcher; answers to eight common questions about adaptations from our Business Affairs team; and a roundtable on translations with Migdalia Cruz, Jeremy Tiang, and Jessica Lit, moderated by Caridad Svich. Also in this issue, Michele Lowe reflects on Fidler Afn Dakh, Lee Edward Colston II answers “Ten Questions,” and Chisa Hutchinson explains “Why I Joined the Guild.”

THE DRAMATIST is the official journal of the Dramatists Guild of America, the professional organization of playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists. It is made possible by funding from the Council of the Dramatists Guild of America, a generous gift from the JOHN LOGAN FOUNDATION through a grant from the Dramatists Guild Foundation, and contributions from Guild members LIKE YOU.

Cover of The Dramatist March/April 2023: The Translations/Adaptations Issue

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Artwork of face of Michael J. Hilderbrand
Michael J. Hilderbrand

is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and artist born and raised in Arkansas. These days he is currently enjoying the wonderful swirling pace of New York City, indulging in all the fantastic opportunities it has to offer.

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