Tools of the Trade
No. 1
Vol. 24
Sep/Oct 2021

The Tools of the Trade issue of The Dramatist takes a deep dive into the nerdiest aspects of the craft, from “The Great Software Debate,” where playwrights go toe-to-toe discussing their scriptwriting software of choice, to “Old School Tools,” which begins as a talk about pens and turns into much more.

This issue also features a compelling roundtable led by Jay Alan Zimmerman, where composers speak on their software and hardware of choice, as well as a “Ten Questions” double feature with Erika Dickerson-Despenza and Vanessa Severo. Finally, Virginia Ambassador Clyde Santana takes a closer look at The Z, Peter Parnell explores “What Copyright Means to Me,” and Kirsten Childs explains “Why I Joined the Guild.”

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Tools of the Trade

Guest Editor

Non-binary person

is a playwright from Maine and Assistant Editor of The Dramatist. They received their BFA from NYU and their MLitt from the University of St Andrews. Their plays have been shown and workshopped at Dixon Place, Jermyn Street Theatre, Portland Stage, and Egg & Spoon Theatre Collective.

Cover Illustration and Artwork

Cheryl Jacobsen
Cheryl Jacobsen

is an artist in Iowa City. Her work varies widely from design and straightforward lettering, to illustrations and art. She is an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Iowa where she teaches a variety of classes for the University’s Center for the Book including a history of lettering, and several in basic and more advanced calligraphic hands. Her personal lettering work uses text as a medium to create images that speak in a visual but not necessarily literal way.

Bekka Lindstrom
Bekka Lindstrom

is an actor who makes a living as a graphic designer even though she’s a writer who sings. She grew up in Iowa and now splits her time between New York City and the Catskills. She has been art directing The Dramatist since 2007.


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