The Reality Check Issue (2018)
No. 1
Vol. 21
Sep/Oct 2018

This edition of The Dramatist is The Reality Check issue, the magazine's second deep dive into investigating the realities of making a living as a dramatist. Joey Stocks moderates a roundtable on Directing Your Own Work, Tari Stratton hosts a conversation on Why Freelance Isn't Free, and Maury Yeston offers Advice  to  Young Theatre Composers. In addition, dramatists share insights on managing survival jobs, working without an agent, and more. Also included in this issue, Annalisa Dias responds to Ten Questions about being a writer, Phillip DePoy answers questions about The Craft and Lloyd Suh shares "Why I Joined the Guild."

THE DRAMATIST is made possible by funding from the Council of the Dramatists Guild of America, a generous gift from the JOHN LOGAN FOUNDATION through a grant from the Dramatists Guild Foundation, and contributions from Guild members LIKE YOU.

cover art of The Reality Check Issue: A solemn playwright with a long, winding sweater sleeve that has small illustrations detailing the struggles of a writer.

Cover Illustration and Artwork

Michael J. Hildebrand
Michael J. Hildebrand

is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator & artist born and raised on a farm in Arkansas. These days he is currently enjoying the fabulous swirling pace of New York City, indulging in all of the glorious opportunities it has to offer.


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