The Musical Theatre Issue (2018)
No. 2
Vol. 21
Nov/Dec 2018

The theme of this edition of The Dramatist is musical theatre. Containing a series of roundtables about musical bookwriting (moderated by Marsha Norman), orchestrations (moderated by Kirsten Childs), and rhyme (moderated by Stephen Sondheim), this issue  also explores how dramatists approach writing the book to a musical as opposed to a play and what dramatists should know about working with orchestrators. Additionally, Adrienne Kennedy responds to Ten Questions about being a writer, Lindsay Ferrentino answers questions about The Craft and Daniel Goldfarb explains "Why I Joined the Guild."

THE DRAMATIST is made possible by funding from the Council of the Dramatists Guild of America, a generous gift from the JOHN LOGAN FOUNDATION through a grant from the Dramatists Guild Foundation, and contributions from Guild members LIKE YOU.

Cover art of the Musical Theatre Issue: Cartoon arms and legs with tux sleeves, fine shoes, and jewelry; and in the background, piano keys and sheet music wallpaper

Cover Illustration and Artwork

Mary Peterson
Mary Peterson

is a children’s book author/illustrator. Her most recent books are Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Car and easy-to-read chapter book Snail Has Lunch. She lives in Los Angeles. Visit her website


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