Craft and Career
No. 2
Vol. 23
Nov/Dec 2020

This edition of The Dramatist is an in-depth examination of Craft and Career. According to The Dramatist Editor Joey Stocks, this theme was inspired by the confines of the pandemic. "Since so many of us are still at home," wrote Stocks in his Editor's Note, "we thought we’d shift the conversation back to some basics of writing." These basics include  Roundtables on Native and Indigenous Structure and Dramaturgy (moderated by Rhiana Yazzie), on Poets & Playwrights  (moderated by Idris Goodwin), and on Stage Directions (moderated by Douglas Post). And Stephen Schwartz gets the Last Word with a brief personal essay that addresses the emotional side of an author's copyright.

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Cover art of The Dramatist Craft and Career Issue: elongated pens overlapping to create multiple pathways

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is a Milwaukee, WI based artist. His illustrations have appeared in numerous publications including The New York TimesTIME, and The Los Angeles Times. He has been recognized by American Illustration, Society of Illustrators, and Communication Arts. You can see more of his work at


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