The Casting Issue
No. 6
Vol. 20
Jul/Aug 2018

This edition of The Dramatist focuses on casting and the collaboration between dramatists and actors. Casting directors discuss their process for casting a new play or  musical, Tari Stratton moderates a roundtable on Casting Issues, and dramatists offer insights on when to begin casting their work. In addition, John Guare  and Stephen Sondheim share great moments in casting history. Also included in this issue, Eleanor Burgess responds to Ten Questions about being a writer, Rhinne Groff answers questions about The Craft and Jeffrey Sweet explains "Why I Joined the Guild."

THE DRAMATIST is made possible by funding from the Council of the Dramatists Guild of America, a generous gift from the JOHN LOGAN FOUNDATION through a grant from the Dramatists Guild Foundation, and contributions from Guild members LIKE YOU.

The Casting Issue of The Dramatist

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