The Audience Issue
No. 6
Vol. 18
Jul/Aug 2016

This edition of The Dramatist explores the relationship between the audience and the author. Dramatists discuss when, how, and what they think about the audience. Gab Cody moderates a Roundtable on Immersive theatre and Isaac Oliver leads a conversation on Audience Issues, while Tina Howe offers a Benediction to her audiences. Additionally, Kia Corthron discusses the price of a theatre ticket. Also in this edition, Itamar Moses answers Ten Questions about his writing process, Adam Gwon shares some of his creative Inspiration, Charles Fuller discusses The Craft, and Michael Weller explains "Why I Joined the Guild."

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The Audience Issue of The Dramatist

Guest Editor

Tina Howe
Tina Howe

(born Mabel Davis Howe; November 21, 1937 – August 28, 2023) was an American playwright. In a career that spanned more than four decades, Howe's best-known works include Museum, Painting ChurchesThe Art of Dining, Costal Disturbancesand Pride’s Crossing, among others. Among her many accolades, she won the 1993 American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature; 1998 New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for Best American Play; 2015 PEN/Laura Pels Theater Award, Master American Dramatist; the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Lillys; inducted into the 2017 American Theatre Hall of Fame; and 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Dramatists Guild.

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