cover art of The Reality Check Issue: A solemn playwright with a long, winding sweater sleeve that has small illustrations detailing the struggles of a writer.
Annalisa Dias: Ten Qeustions
Annalisa Dias

1What was your most memorable theatrical experience as a child?

Actually, I have a very vivid memory of seeing the ballet Giselle. My mom used to take my sister and me to all kinds of performing arts fairly regularly, and for whatever reason, I have a very distinct memory of being powerfully moved by this particular performance. 


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Annalisa Dias
Annalisa Dias

is a citizen artist, community organizer, and award-winning theatremaker working at the intersection of racial justice and care for the earth. She is a Producing Playwright with The Welders, a DC playwright’s collective; and is Co-Founder of the DC Coalition for Theatre & Social Justice. Produced plays include: 4380 Nights, Servant Of The Wind, One Word More, A Legacy Of Chains, and To Defend Freedom. More information: Twitter: @ajdm  Instagram: @annalisadias