Cover Artwork of The Call and Response Issue: an illustration of people marching
Advocacy in the Time of COVID
Person holding a protest sign
Photo by Jason Leung (Unsplash)

I joined the Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC) in the summer of 2015. Though not a founding member, I felt very much a part of the movement they created, having been to every AAPAC event since its inception in 2011. One of the early AAPAC forums had a profound impact on me as a playwright when I listened to another more established playwright share how he specified the race of all of his characters after realizing that if he didn’t, his plays would be cast with white actors by default.

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Nandita Shenoy
Nandita Shenoy

is an actor-writer living in New York City. Her play Washer/Dryer has been produced multiple times across the country including an off-Broadway run in which she also starred. Her play Baby Campis currently in development, and her Rage Play (Kilroys List 2020) was in production with Flux Theatre Ensemble in New York City when the coronavirus hit. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild, the Ma-Yi Writers’ Lab, and the Dorset Theater Festival’s Women Artists Working Group. BA: Yale University.